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12 Uses for Lavendar Essential Oil

Lavender Oil Lavender oil is one of the most popular doTERRA essential oils because of its light, powdery aroma, and its myriad of uses for everyday life. Taken from the highly aromatic lavender flower, lavender oil has been used for centuries for its distinct aroma and powerful benefits. Whether you need to soothe the occasional […]

Dairy – Is it good for you or not?

It seems the 20 years of the “Got Milk” campaign has really got us believing that milk is so good for our health and bones.  But is Dairy really good or not? Now a days there are all kinds of nut milks on the market. Is it a fad, is everyone allergic or lactose intolerant? There are some […]

Boost your Immunity During Cold & Flu Season

Are you someone that gets sick often throughout the year? What you eat can suppress or boost your immunity! Don’t wait until you are sick to get better.  It will take twice as long to recover if your immune system is suppressed. With the kids back in school, germs seem to spread like wild fire. […]


Nutrition Will Always Outweigh a Diet Mentality

We’ve all been there.  Going from one diet to the next trying to lose weight or trying to get healthy as certain diets might promise. Following a specific diet might help you lose weight temporarily or even get you a bit healthier for a while. What you don’t realize that almost anything will work initially […]


Stop Avoiding Your Emotions

If we learn to manage our emotions, instead of avoiding them, we could literally change any area of our lives we wanted to. Can you imagine life with: sustainable weight loss not overspending when your don’t have money to spend not using alcohol as a buffer to avoid an emotion (do you even realize you […]


Learn How to Create Lasting Change

How many times have you changed your “mindset” about something only to find yourself right back in your old habits in days or weeks? Sort of like when your New Year Eve’s resolutions went out the window by the second week of February! Habits are just that – habits!  They are not really connected to […]


Spring Cleaning ~ Our Bodies

Today is the second day of my whole food spring cleanse!  Of course my go-getter, all-in clients out did me and started theirs last Saturday!   Awesome – love their enthusiasm!!   Who knew breakfast could be so creamy but delicious, healthy and satisfying! When you are eating healthy for your individual body you feel better, […]

Is your Microbiome Balanced?

Just what is the microbiome? It’s actually the epicenter of your health. “All disease begins in the gut” ~ Hippocrates Not until recent years have we realized just how powerful our microbiome. Your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes. The amount of bacterial cells within the human gastrointestinal […]


Be in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life!

Sigmund Freud did not invent the concept of the three levels of consciousness but he brought it to the forefront of science.  It’s mind boggling when you think about it being the era that this came to life. Sort of when you think about how a cellphone came in our day!  What’s next? Whatever the […]

13 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid for Better Health

There are so many toxic chemicals we use on our skin, mouth and in our daily household cleaning regimen that IS making you and those you love sick! Your body is meant to naturally detox. But, we are overloaded with harmful chemicals that are wreaking havoc on your health. These toxins also travel through our […]