Have you ever found yourself thinking and believing “oh, I’m so over comparing myself to others, I’m too old for that” but yet at the same time can’t shake the self-doubt that keeps you  overthinking and feeling like you are never going to get where you actually want.


Especially what your seemingly “very successful” colleague Jane Doe seems to just be naturally good at and way ahead of you, even though you know deep inside she isn’t smarter or even better, or more qualified than you are.


Like what is up with that?


So, there you are again spending 4 hours overthinking trying to morph your way into something you actually aren’t — but here you are overthinking changing your mind a gazillion times.  Whether it’s writing the SM post or you can’t find the right outfit to have dinner with your friends because hec they are 30 lbs lighter than you are.


Wasting copious amounts of time sitting in indecision and on the bench of the train stop watching everyone pass you by and you forget to get on because you are in a fog of confusion. 


It’s time to put yourself on the train if you want success in your business and life and start taking action. Messy action even. 


You might be scratching your head over there wondering if they have something you don’t and oh yeah, here comes the comparison trap all over again.  


Oh, and lets face it, you can’t even get yourself out of comparing even your own body next to what it used it be when you open the closet.  Oh yeah, that counts too.


Because the success of where you want to be lies in what you are bamboozling today.


Here’s a tip, get rid of all the old clothes even the favorite ones you are saving for when you get to that size again. I guarantee you’ll want to buy something new and updated rather than letting those size 8 jeans that are also no longer in style make you feel bad about yourself  TODAY.  Let them go. See ya!


Let’s unpack this.  

The only difference between Jane Doe and you is she takes action.

She isn’t sitting there thinking a whole bunch about it either.


She isn’t making it mean anything bad about herself too if it doesn’t work out.


She also isn’t needy in her actions waiting for something in return.  She might evaluate her results.  And, pivots as necessary.  It’s all data to her.  She isn’t perceiving things outside herself and making it mean anything about herself.  The nerve of her to have that much confidence, right? 🤣 

She isn’t carelessly taking action either, she’s planned, she’s strategic and working towards creating a result and taking bold action to get there.  And, in a timely manner.


She’s a quick decision maker!

Let’s face it, she isn’t overthinking, she likely isn’t even thinking about herself at all




She believes and trusts in herself way more than she believes and trusts in things outside of her. 


When you miss this foundational step of building self-belief, you’ll continue to sit at the train stop of “Missed Opportunity Avenue” and never get on the train to succeed but might start meeting regret boldly in the face.


Whether you want to build a business, get a promotion, or you want to get your body back to a size 8, it’s the same difference of confidence within yourself.


You become what you believe.


Being a successful Jane Doe requires her to take action and quick to decide.


Jane Doe is boldly believing in herself, EVEN if nobody else does.


The nerve of her right? Like why is it easy for her.


Get it ➡ It is easier for her 😁


Because she has the belief in herself first, she may not even had to work for it, but who cares.  ♥️


💡 Aha, then yes, if you want to have an amazing future, create the success you desire whether it’s building your business or creating the body and life you want, your foundation of building your belief first is the key to creating it. 


Self doubt will have nothing on you.


Self-doubt will likely come rearing its ugly head every once in a while when you decide to do something new.  It’s like an old pal you have no interest in seeing. 


You see the only thing that is really in the way of creating what you want is the actions you haven’t taken yet.


It’s okay, been there done that.  I know as a high achiever you want to stop underearning, you want to achieve your goals and start being the success you know deep down you are capable of. 

Instead of sitting there over researching, working your tail off to write the perfect post, exhausting yourself in the meantime,  diverting your attention once in a while when your feeling overwhelmed then getting to Friday with a lot of anxiety and unnecessary chaos with the same goals no matter what those goals are.


Meanwhile, Jane Doe who isn’t even giving it another thought is over there boasting to Audrey at Starbucks about how amazing her life is. 


Listen I get it, maybe you are shy and not wanting to make a big deal when it took you 3 years to get where are right now and it’s taken her 3 months to surpass you.


Jane likely has big bold belief in herself, she cares less about what others think.  All she’s thinking about is herself and what she desires but not even a mean way.  Her beliefs boast self-love and probably compassion in that mix for when she makes mistakes — she isn’t afraid of those.  She understands they come with success. 


It’s just who she is and maybe you envy that which is kind of cool and I love that.  Do you know why?  It means she is triggering your true self  to want to level up your life — and that is the nagging reminder from your gut.  Deep down you know you are meant for more ♥️.


Your default brain already has set beliefs about yourself on autopilot since you are 8 years old.  Yes, eight years old!  Yet, you are a brand new person changing through the seasons of your life, surely you have new goals and aspirations that are brand new.  Well your default brain hates change.  It’s dysregulating to your body and will try its darnedest to keep your life the same.


And, what got you here isn’t going to get you there.  If you want to create life you love, where you aren’t overthinking causing a ton of unnecessary stress.


Because wanting and doing are two very different things.


Don’t let doubt, overwhelm and confusion be the reason you stay stuck.


Gaining clarity, making quick decisions, taking action from commitment and being consistent will inevitably shine success from having that bold belief in yourself. 


When you compare yourself to others, you’re not only undermining your own self-confidence but also missing out on your own unique journey from pursuing your dreams authentically.


Set up your free complimentary call so I can show you how you can stop overthinking, letting self-doubt run your life and start creating the success you desire by building belief in yourself. It’s the foundation for everything you desire in your life. Because that’s when showing up for yourself and taking action becomes easy.  It’s a practice and I can’t wait to show you how.