When wanting to create something new in your life, we often have a lot of resistance because we think certain parts of ourselves is just who you are — it seems unchangeable.

No matter what you do, you revert back to your old self, your old life eventually. 

You just can’t seem to create the result you want even if sometimes you take the right actions. 

Whether you wind up sabotaging yourself subconsciously or even consciously because it seems to bring up a lot of resistance and you wind up constantly attaching yourself as things happen as if you think you don’t have a choice. 

Things happen and you think it’s just the way things happen for you.

When you have an unmanaged mind and no awareness of your identity of who you believe you are.  

Urges will come and you answer them by attaching to them becoming victim and powerless to them — as if that is who you are. 

But I want you to recognize that you do have choice.

And, it starts with awareness as the first step. 

And, it could be a lot easier to create a different result when you stop answering or acting on those urges that appear. 

If you just let them be there. No matter what is going on outside in your life. 

Whether it’s something that always seems to happen when life actually is going right.  And, somehow, someway, something seems to happen and it messes you up.  

You think that is just how your life is.  That that is just who you are. 

When you really start raising your awareness to what you are thinking, doing and believing about you, you can start to change this around.  You can detach yourself from things happening in your life, when you start noticing you are becoming victim to it.  

Seems like a strong word, but that is exactly what you are doing.  

You may find yourself in a situation where things happening outside of you, even someone else’s circumstance but somehow it affects your life.  Or, even for instance you are driving and you get a flat tire and stuck and you find yourself in this situation and the next thing you say is “omg, why does this always happen to me” “why can’t my life ever go right.

See what I mean. 

Or, here’s another instance for example, you can’t seem to find the right relationship in your life, and you might believe that there is nobody for you, that nobody chooses you ever, or you can never find the right person. 

The thing is that is exactly what you believe so you’ll always find evidence in the outside world to prove this true. 

And, then you find yourself explaining away that because of this “thing” that is why.


The situation is why.  

You wind up feeling powerless and at the effect of your life.  

Instead of creating the life you want.


No matter how hard you try things just happen to you. And, it’s not your fault. 

That could be true.

Something happens in your life and that actually will always be.  And if you want to create a different life, then you also have to letting go of this habit of your old identity or it will continue to sabotage the very thing you desire.


And, I want to offer to you.


You are allowing it.


Raise your awareness.


There is always going to be things happening in the world.  No matter what.  Life is 50/50.


You can start to change your life when you start shedding your identity and certain parts of you that no longer serve you.  The parts that would not create the future you actually want. No matter what result you want to create in your life.


Stop falling victim to your own creation. Stop attaching yourself to the problems that are urging you to pay attention to.


Allow the urges to come and don’t answer them.


That doesn’t mean you ignore and don’t care for things happening around you.


But where you are actually fully engaging in it.  You must start noticing.


This thing happened and now you have to respond to it.  You have to attach yourself to the problem.  You’ll find yourself wanting and urging you to it, the resistance to instead take the action you want in a different direction — no matter what is going on.


It could even be in your own mind — cause that is where it begins.  You have a problem or situation and immediately you may find your brain out of habit because that is what it’s always done and who you believe yourself to be— from this identity of who you believe you are and how your life just has always been.


Guys, this happens in weightloss, your health, growing business, or make more money or in relationships, family, etc


The unexpected bill or car, appliance repair that comes.

Have you ever heard yourself saying “when it rains it pours”.


Just noticing this, is how you start to change this around. 

You may very well just got your finances in order and ready to start paying off some debt or just got yourself in a position to be in the green.  And, then the next thing you know something happens and you have this huge unexpected expense.

This is where you notice that you notice your mind wanting to blurt those words out.  When you start to notice this, is the only way you can change it.

You don’t have to answer it that way.


Where are you not allowing urges of your own brain to want to make some problem a problem, making this issue the very reason, 

The first step to shedding who you are currently being in your life is recognizing and noticing the urge to attach yourself to it. 

How can you find something just today or this week in your life and notice where you are finding the urge to want to say something, tell someone, say it to yourself, a friend, family or you just think it, or you find yourself doing a particular thing even though you didn’t want to because somehow you think you have no control over it.  That it just happens. 

When you start to notice this habit (which comes from your identity) of who you believe you are or how your life is and it’s actually a habit of your old identity — and not who you want yourself to be.

Life does happens for us and when we don’t recognize that we are constantly attaching to things and become at the effect of those things instead of being in control of our own lives and who you desire to be — when those things happen you will start to take your power back. 

Becoming  the powerful creator of your life and what exactly you want to create beings with awareness — just noticing what and where your mind wants to blurt out — even in your own mind.  You’ll find the urge.  

Let that urge go unanswered.

Just let it be there. 


Start divorcing yourself, detaching yourself, shedding your old identity. 

No matter what is happening outside of you.

Just noticing how you are reacting vs responding will start to shift this.

Take a pause and notice the urge there to react, and when you can respond in your own body and mind and let it go.  Let the urge be there in your body.  No matter what the outside world is telling you.  Don’t answer it.  Let it be.


Life does happen for you not to you and you can be the powerful creator of the results you actually want in your life — no matter what is happening outside you.   

It begins with raising your awareness and learning how to manage your mind and body.

Nobody else needs to change in your life to have what you want in your life.  But you. 

If you want to create a life you love and create different results in your life in 2024, book your free call today so you can get the support you need.


ps.  I’ll teach you how to change everything in your life from creating better habits for your health and life and stop living at the effect of it letting go of all your old stories and beliefs you have about yourself so you can let that all go and start creating the very results you desire.