Have you ever thought why you are overcomplicating the crap out of things?


Often this happens when we are about to change.


When we want to go after a goal we have never achieved before, overcomplicating comes to rear its ugly head causing struggle and unwanted stress.


Right now you believe that it’s complicated, I get it.


Maybe it is. But here me out. 

Possibly when you sit down to learn something new and you just aren’t grasping the concept, trying to figure it out, and the struggle is real, you are changing your mind a gazillion times, trying to get clear, 

  • Trying to get it right and perfect even 
  • Constantly getting up and doing other things 
  • Can’t focus and wind up taking a break on checking SM, then you wind up losing an hour 
  • Do something else because now you are backlogged on things around the house even

But when it comes back time to sit down to figure it out, you are struggling all over again, feeling it’s complicate and anxious and it’s keeping you stuck.

Blank, back to ground zero and possibly going back to your old way of doing things, except you aren’t progressing to getting where you want in your business or your goals.

Well there is nothing wrong with you or your life or even your business – you might just be trying to solve the wrong problem.

You might think if only “I knew this, I could move on” but yet all the researching, you still don’t figure it out, you wind up stuck in indecision, overwhelm & anxiety. 

There are usually one of two reasons this might happen:

  1. You are trying to solve the wrong problem.  You might have thoughts like “I have no idea what Im doing”, “this is too hard”, “if only I knew the answer” Your brain will want to solve this problem first except it says in an endless loop since it’s believing this to be true creating results that you don’t even want. 
  2. Overcomplicating could be the very mechanism that your body uses to save you from emotional pain of the future — and there is actually no emotional pain in the future, but your body remembers the stress from your past in your body and doesn’t even care about your goals, it will not want to go there ever again. Say good bye to getting what you want, if you don’t truly know what’s happening or even realize you might be avoiding negative emotion. 

Your thoughts create your reality.


Your brains only job is to prove the thoughts it already believes about you, even if that’s not what you want, what?  Yea, and all set and on autopilot from your 8 year old self.


That doesn’t really help you in creating what you want in the future that is different from your past!


When you are acting from your default brains thoughts of your past of what it already believes about you, you continue to create the same results.


If you want to achieve your goals in the second half of life and you find yourself overcomplicating things in your business or life, you might be working from mindset of your past or a defense mechanism from your body all holding you back from creating what you desire in your life. You can change that around when you start getting to the root issues instead of struggling to create what you want in your life, especially for the second half — when everything you want is new!   If this resonates with you, lets chat.