• Become the woman you’ve always aspired to be.

    Let’s hit the reset button & design the life you want in your second half!

    Say Yes to Yourself

Let’s reset and reinvent your life exactly the way you want, not what everybody else wants.  

This is your time. 

your life.

your health & well-being.

your business or career.

your relationships.

your desires.

all possible.

and, with less stress & less anxiety.

What do you envision and want for the next chapter of your life?  No matter i
f you are 40- or 60+, you can reinvent yourself and lifestyle so that you are really enjoying every aspect of your life, even during stressful times and it begins with you.

You can drastically alter every aspect of your life when you switch from living unconscious to conscious.  

Yes, your awareness.  It sounds so simple.  

So why isn’t it?  

Why can’t you just follow through with the idea you had the other day?  Instead of changing your mind a gazillion times, letting doubt & perfectionism get in your way. 

If only everyone else in your life would change, you’d be happier & have peace, right? 

Why can’t you let go of pleasing everyone else except for yourself?  

Why is it harder for you to follow through and create what you want — and without the stress and resistance you seem to feel?

The only thing that seems to be a sure thing is you get to Friday, exhausted, not following through on things you desired but everyone else’s boxed are checked.  And, you’re ready to de-stress with a cocktail, or two and forget about it till Monday rolls around again.

Only now, it gets more and more challenging to make the desired results happen the longer you allow this go on.

Sound familiar?

First, there is nothing wrong with you.  

You’ve just been following the same patterns your entire life. It’s how our brains are designed and it loves to keep them on repeat.

Especially as a woman — you’ve just followed what was expected of you. Putting everyone else before yourself for years. Leaving yourself last on the list.

But now it’s time for you.  It’s your time.  And, the best part is, nobody else needs to change for you to be happy.

You deserve to thrive and create the life you’ve always wanted but didn’t have or make the time for. 

Until today.
You aren’t here by accident. 

If you want to create a new reality with your life goals and desires done, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know, help you see things you might not see, so you can let go of everything that is holding you back.  

That’s where coaching comes in — we’ll unravel what is creating your current results so you can change them.

Maybe you have lots of ideas rolling around in that brilliant head of yours but maybe you are constantly bamboozled by doubt, your inner critic or hectic life.

Stopping you by Wednesday.

Imagine having the life you actually desire instead of settling in for the second half  living life by default.  And, at the effect of everyone and everything around you.  Allowing everyone else problems infiltrating into your life. Outsourcing your happiness – instead of creating it!  

If you want to thrive and create a life you love, you are in the right place.  

I’m going to be brutally honest you need look no further than in the mirror to see what’s in your way,

whether you want to optimize your health or  finally start your business, change careers, or follow through on all your ideas — for reals this time #insertwink. 

And yet, you have everything inside you right now to change your life & stress-level.  And, I’m going to help you get there – so that you wake up and feel excited and thrive.

Let’s consciously create the life you desire together.

I’m going to show you how to finally show up for yourself, follow through and keep following through.

  • no more people pleasing, leaving yourself last.
  • no more outsourcing your happiness to your kids,  other people or things.
  • no more letting doubt in the way.
  • no more letting money be in the way of what you want and do for the next chapter.
  • no more regrets.

Let your soul’s desire have some breathing room!

This is your life, I’m here to help you.

Let’s get de-stressed, healthier, happier and have less dis-ease and start really loving yourself first and your life. 

Let’s unravel what’s holding you back so you can create and reinvent yourself and your lifestyle.  It starts with you.  Are you ready? 

Set up your FREE discovery call.  We’ll talk about where you are now and where you really want to be and what might be in your way.  

You deserve to thrive and flourish!  And, I can’t wait to help you!

What I can do for you

“After battling with autoimmune and nerve issues for years, I reached a breaking point. I needed my health back! Working with Stacey has been such a blessing and she has helped me get focused and back into gear! I am amazed at the difference a few weeks make. Not only do I feel amazing but I’ve lost some weight too! That’s a big bonus! I look forward to my renewed healthy eating lifestyle. Thanks so much, Stacey”

I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the ways you have helped me to learn about myself, how to handle situations, how to be aware of my thoughts, how to feed my body with nutritious food, the endless healthy and delicious recipes to make for me and my family, suggestions about vitamins and probiotics and helping me to understand how I am worthy just as I am.  You have given me so many gifts over the past year, too many to list and,  thank you,  just doesn’t seem like enough. 

Working with you as my coach has been wonderful, I have never had a coach before and have come to realize the benefits.

Your course is fabulous and you listened with kindness and provided me with real solutions and ways to rethink things. I can’t thank you enough.

Stacey, You are so kind and you listen very well. My sessions with you have really changed the way I look at things.

Stacey is a great coach. Her knowledge of nutrition and behavioral patterns and how they relate to the ability to know yourself and why you do what you do is much greater than I expected. Well worth spending time with Stacey to find your inner battles with food and work to correct them.

I planned better,  learned to just be with my feelings instead of eating and lost 4 lbs.

Working with Stacey has become a “game changer” for me.  For the last several years I have been in a “stuck” holding pattern.  Wanting to make changes, but never gaining a foothold.  Through her patience, guidance and expertise,  I am on my way to a new career, one I am excited about!  Thanks Stacey for all your support and believing in me.

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You are here for a reason.

If you want to create a life you desire but you don’t know what it is that is keeping you stuck, schedule a free discovery call where we can dig into the obstacles that may be in your wayl!

When you let go of all the mental chatter that is keeping you stuck and you become aware of what it actually is – is when life can change!

I want to help you live a life you want not one of regret – with a bunch of “should ofs” at the end!

When you learn to master your mind, your entire life will change in every area — your health, your business and your life!

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