Imagine it’s midlife — you have just created the life you always wanted.  


You put yourself FIRST, maybe for the first time!

You became her.  You are her.

What would that look like?

It starts in your mind and on the inside way before you see it on the outside.  Your weight, your health, business/job, relationships, your desires and ultimate happiness are all an inside job. 

No matter what is going in your life – it’s possible to have what you really want for the next half of your life.

optimal health. better relationships. more money. your desires. all possible. 

Imagine waking up, confident and energized to start your day with what you WANT instead of the mediocre, do everything for everyone else before yourself…that YOU never even makes the freakin list.  And, after 30 years of doing this you’re kinda exhausted to boot.  

I get you, you just want to time for yourself & that burning desire to create something but you keep putting it aside, find yourself with a bunch of excuses, flipping the page on the calendar not following through.  And, then midlife comes with all sorts of side-conditions that you aren’t loving either like weight gain, feeling frumpy, clothes don’t fit like when you were 30, aging, mundane chores, everyone else’s list is checked except yours.

Stop fooling yourself that you will get to yourself & your desires one day!  How long has that been going on?  Do it enough times and you stop trusting yourself. Stop settling!  

What’s stopping you from living that life you dream?

I’m going to be brutally honest — you need look no further than in the mirror of what’s in your way.  

But that doesn’t mean be a mean girl to yourself.  Blame yourself or your past.  No, not at all!  Stop beating yourself up and treat yourself like the Queen you are!  You have everything inside you right now to live the life you want and love. 

Stop living mindlessly and being at the effect of everything around you and from your past —the way you grew up, the people, friends/family, the food, the business, the finances or lack of them, etc. — none of that matters.

Imagine if you actually do all the things you know would make your life better instead of not showing up for yourself, then making excuses why you couldn’t or didn’t.  Waiting for a better time when you feel like it.  You know that time will never come. 

I help my clients stop sabotaging, consuming, waiting for Monday, inaction, overthinking, doubting and START making deliberate decisions, taking action and following through — creating a life they love and want in midlife. 

You stop spinning in perfectionism, looking outside of yourself for happy & confidence ~ that comes from within, not the size on a label!  

The next chapter…it will be whatever you make it.

High achieving women like you already know what to do.  I’m going to show you how to finally show up for yourself, follow through and keep following through. You show up for you FIRST and everyone else in your life benefits!

Let me show you the sexiest midlife secret — You GlowUp from the inside!

The habit of you being last on the list.  That goes to the curb.  Let your soul’s desire have some breathing room!  The dream you left on the table for one day…it’s time to pick it back up!  

We start creating optimal health if you aren’t already, and not only do you look and feel your best midlife — you will get to enjoy your life a lot longer.  

The most confident woman in the room is the sexiest woman in the room!  

Don’t let the days turn into more years.  You’ve done that. 

This is your Chapter.  

Learn how to make conscious and deliberate choices for what you want most over what you want in the moment.   This is not always easy as humans we are hard wired for the familiar. 

live consciously, deliberately and on purpose despite the urge, doubt or overwhelm that comes up.

Let’s reawaken the powerful woman you are, your souls desire birthed instead of letting life pass you by, putting your goals on the back burner and never achieving them.

Tomorrow, Monday, next week, when you have more money, when the kids get older, when this or that. 

You wake up with a bunch of should of’s instead of living the way you want. 

What do you really, really want?

It’s not too late, it never is – it doesn’t matter your age.

You get to decide in every moment.  As a matter of fact, you are deciding when you don’t make a decision – you are deciding not to. 

I help high achieving women in midlife just like you dismantle what’s keeping you stuck so you can start doing and living what you desire.

What result would you want to accomplish that would change the trajectory of your life?  

Join me for a FREE 45-minute discovery call.  We’ll talk about where you are now and where you really want to be and what might be in your way.

It will change everything for you.  

Live the next half of your life exactly as you dare to dream —  confidently and feeling your sexiest best self!

GlowUp from the inside!

I’m a certified Life Coach, Integrative Nutrition Coach and Personal Chef.

Personal Development, Nutrition and Food have been my passion for over 20 years! 

I help you go from feeling doubt, stuck and frustrated to mastering your own life, business – and health!

You let go of the fear, doubt and limiting beliefs that is holding you back so you can create what you really want.  Whether that’s a business on the back burner or losing weight and creating the best health you’ve ever had.  Let’s skip the diets and look at your nutrition and how it’s affecting your health — because diets never work.  If you want to make real change and move towards what you want  instead of mindlessly being misdirected and left with regret most of time — you must overcome your own brain.

When you learn what the root cause of your problem you have the power to change.

If you want to feel confident and get unstuck instead of following your default internal script — one that you most likely didn’t even create that is keeping you stuck year after year. 

Have you ever set goals for the week either in your business or healthy food choices then by the of end of the week you did everything but follow what you intended? 

It’s not because you aren’t capable or that you don’t know how!

You start showing up for you instead of continually holding yourself back and being riddled with doubt!  

Your health, your business, your life!  You make conscious and deliberate choices that move you closer to your goal not away from it even when overwhelm, fear or doubt appears.

You live in the driver’s seat of your life, not the passenger! 

I’d love to help you on your journey of becoming exactly who your soul is yearning to be!

What I can do for you

“After battling with autoimmune and nerve issues for years, I reached a breaking point. I needed my health back! Working with Stacey has been such a blessing and she has helped me get focused and back into gear! I am amazed at the difference a few weeks make. Not only do I feel amazing but I’ve lost some weight too! That’s a big bonus! I look forward to my renewed healthy eating lifestyle. Thanks so much, Stacey”

Your course is fabulous and you listened with kindness and provided me with real solutions and ways to rethink things. I can’t thank you enough.

Stacey, You are so kind and you listen very well. My sessions with you have really changed the way I look at things.

Stacey is a great coach. Her knowledge of nutrition and behavioral patterns and how they relate to the ability to know yourself and why you do what you do is much greater than I expected. Well worth spending time with Stacey to find your inner battles with food and work to correct them.

I planned better,  learned to just be with my feelings instead of eating and lost 4 lbs.

Working with Stacey has become a “game changer” for me.  For the last several years I have been in a “stuck” holding pattern.  Wanting to make changes, but never gaining a foothold.  Through her patience, guidance and expertise,  I am on my way to a new career, one I am excited about!  Thanks Stacey for all your support and believing in me.

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You are here for a reason.

If you want to create a life you desire but you don’t know what it is that is keeping you stuck, schedule a free discovery call where we can dig into the obstacles that may be in your way on your very first call!

When  you let go of all the mental chatter that is keeping you stuck and you become aware of what it actually is – is when life can change!

I want to help you live a life you want not one of regret – with a bunch of “should of’s” at the end!

When you learn to master your mind, your entire life will change in every area — your health, your business and your life!

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