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You, my friend, can radiate beauty at any age…

it starts in your mind and on the inside way before you see it on the outside or even on the scale.

Imagine waking up and feeling confident and energized to start your day – even at 50 and beyond! 

Never has there been a more important time than right NOW for a woman in the middle of her life to become healthy, take care of herself, confidently and authentically — living a life she truly desires vs at the effect of it and/or for everyone else. 

Let’s reawaken the powerful woman you are instead of letting life pass you by and putting yourself and your goals on the back burner.

We’ve all said it:  tomorrow, Monday, next week, when I have more money, when it’s not BOGO ice cream, when the kids get older, when this or that. 

Life and/or disease waits for no-one.  We all age but that doesn’t mean we are stuck.

And, let life and our dreams pass us by until we wind up with regret of what we should’ve or could’ve done.

We often wonder if I am ever going to feel better, sleep better, get my energy and body back?  Or, is it down hill from here?

It gets better when we decide it is.  

It starts in our minds not on the scale, nor on our plate and definitely not with the latest prescription that winds up giving you more side effects than what it was prescribed for. 

We get to decide in every moment.  As a matter of fact, you are deciding when you don’t make a decision to act on your dream or goal.  

I help women reignite their health, get excited about life again, get unstuck and in best shape of their lives both mentally and nutritionally – even at 50 — so they can slay the next half of their life confidently and proudly for theirself!  

A confident woman radiates that beauty from the inside and there is nothing more attractive than that.   What better time than when you are at the peak of life to get healthy and crush your goals?

With the right food, mindset and coaching, anything is possible — even over 50!

About me

I’m a certified life coach, integrative nutrition coach and personal chef.

Nutrition, food and personal development has been my passion!  

I help women lose weight permanently so they can stop dieting and feel good in their own skin and get healthy.

What I can do for you

“After battling with autoimmune and nerve issues for years, I reached a breaking point. I needed my health back! Working with Stacey has been such a blessing and she has helped me get focused and back into gear! I am amazed at the difference a few weeks make. Not only do I feel amazing but I’ve lost some weight too! That’s a big bonus! I look forward to my renewed healthy eating lifestyle. Thanks so much, Stacey”

Your course is fabulous and you listened with kindness and provided me with real solutions and ways to rethink things. I can’t thank you enough.

Stacey, You are so kind and you listen very well. My sessions with you have really changed the way I look at things.

Stacey is a great coach. Her knowledge of nutrition and behavioral patterns and how they relate to the ability to know yourself and why you do what you do is much greater than I expected. Well worth spending time with Stacey to find your inner battles with food and work to correct them.

I planned better,  learned to just be with my feelings instead of eating and lost 4 lbs.

Working with Stacey has become a “game changer” for me.  For the last several years I have been in a “stuck” holding pattern.  Wanting to make changes, but never gaining a foothold.  Through her patience, guidance and expertise,  I am on my way to a new career, one I am excited about!  Thanks Stacey for all your support and believing in me.

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something long enough to see real change,

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