Hi I’m Stacey

I help women get out of their own way so they are happier, healthier and go after exactly what they dare to dream in their second half of life.

No more leaving yourself last on the list.

You’ll gain the clarity you crave and the confidence & courage to build the life you actually want.  When you discover the root cause of your problems, you can actually change your results! 

You can truly create anything you want in this life. I’m here to show you how.

I have helped many clients transform their life over the last 20 years.

I’ve run my private personal chef business, Ala Stacey, for over 20 years and some 10 years ago decided to certify as a holistic health coach because I wanted to help my clients transform their life optimizing their nutrition, emotional well-being & lifestyle.

I had so many health conditions my entire life starting from childhood with eczema, severe cystic acne, psoarsis, Graves disease, celiac, adrenal issues/pure exhaustion/insomnia, food sensitivities, pernicious anemia, SIBO — there was a definite progression.

Fast forward to today, the wrong foods (even ones perceived as “healthy”), lack of confidence, subconscious beliefs, along with a big dose of chronic stress led to the perfect storm for disease in my body. 

Food, nutrition, personal development and business have always been my passion.

And, I’m determined to show you how you can turn your second half into your best half!

It wasn’t until I certified as a Life Coach that my life shifted, only I wasn’t prepared for my own brain to get in the way, big time. 

Because when I started to show up for what I wanted, 

Doubt, confusion and overwhelm kept getting in the way from pursuing what I really, really wanted.  I had a ton of resistance and kept spinning at the door of the true success I desired.

And, I also know how to help you get out of your own way – because I was you. 

I was still following my paradigm I was accustomed to living from my past. Except I knew it.

And, it was causing even more stress and anxiety —> more dis-ease.

Once I used and applied the very tools I was taught, did my own life, health and business start to shift.

I let go of people pleasing and started pleasing my own needs and wants first, not last. We typically are raised as women to do for everyone else, leaving ourselves last, exhausted & even a little resentful at times.

I used the very tools and concepts I was taught to direct my mind instead of it constantly diverting me from what I really wanted in my life and business. 

When leaned into what I really wanted, who I really was without the preconceived beliefs in the way, managed my mind with the tools I was taught, took care of myself while managing my emotions, especially the strong negative ones I’ve come accustomed to avoiding, everything started to shift

And, it can for you too. 

Maybe you are like me with a very stubborn brain and body running on your old paradigm, holding you back from everything you desire – subconsciously, I might add.

Our brains are sneaky like that. 

You become what you believe. Know what that is!  

I help women change their lives and create one they want.

If you are all-in, I’m all-in to helping you to hit the reset button and create the life you want. 

Life coaching has changed my life.  And, I’m confident it will change yours too.

Here’s where I’ve been trained in case you are interested:

  • The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • The Food Matters Nutrition Program
  • New Healers Masters Program
  • The Life Coach School 

Let’s get unstuck!  Reset & shift your life so you become who you’ve always aspired to be, especially in your second half!

Set up your free discovery call today.  

My philosphy

We all want success in life, right? …

whether you are talking about losing weight, relationships, finances, business/career, etc.

But, we are often our own worst enemy.  We get in our own way, inhibiting our own development to what we truly want.

As you think so you become.

We must stretch and challenge ourselves.

We must take responsibility for our own life and the choices we make.

Commit to do whatever it is you need to do to succeed.

Be an example of what is possible.

That is what I want for my clients!  Everyone deserves to live the life they want.  It’s part of evolving as a human and why you are here!  Do not let your dream die inside of you and be left with regret!

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

~ Jim Rohn

When it comes to food specifically, our bodies would do much better if we would go back to a day when we just ate real food and real ingredients, mostly plants and mostly homemade — so you know what ingredients you are putting in your body.   It’s as simple as that.