When you are unaware what may be the problem, you will keep getting the same results: in your health, your business, your life,

it really doesn’t matter what the problem is.

Especially if you constantly trying to prove your worthiness to yourself and keep playing small but want big things in your life but do mundane tasks that lead to nowhere fast.

It can feel exhausting in the process of going after a goal especially in your business.

You’ll keep seeing evidence to prove your unworthiness, not your worthiness.

Not that you need to prove a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.

It sounds like an oxymoron that you can prove it by doing xyz but you can’t be more worthy than you already are.

And, when you are playing small when you can be doing bigger things, you are going to waste a lot of time working on the wrong things when you aren’t aware of what the issue is.

Worthiness is innate.

You were born with every ounce of worth.

So stop trying to prove it. Relax.

If you want to feel worthy, you just have to decide. I am worthy!

I love that I learned that I was worthy the day I was born.

And, that every time I may not feel worthy doesn’t mean that I am not.

It’s just that I forgot.

When you go about making changes and/or going after your goals, be careful that you aren’t pursuing them in search of your worthiness.

because you will not find it, it’s impossible to find and you’ll be wasting a lot of time and energy.

The best way to have or set a goal and not have your “worthiness or good enoughness” get in the way

— decide it’s a prerequisite of your goal!

✅ check!

It’s a decision that you already are, there is absolutely no question. No matter who you are! You have nothing to prove to yourself, nor anyone else.

Have you ever noticed that kids do this. They might be tugging on your shirt and be like, look mom, look what I did, “am I good enough now”. We often don’t realize this as parents or even teachers that we reinforce this behavior but then you also might not realize that you are still trying to prove this as an adult in your business, in your life, to your mom, husband, friends, to yourself, whoever.


꩜ Set a goal and know 100% you are enough now, not when.
꩜ You wind up not hitting your goal but fail instead, know you are 100% enough regardless. It means nothing about your worthiness.
꩜ Don’t set any goal or stay completely the same, no changes and still you are 100% enough.

You see it doesn’t matter because you are already 100% worthy and 100% good enough now, not when.

So stop trying to prove your worth to yourself and the world.

Just decide.

And, because you are human, you may have times that your brain will try to tell you otherwise and rear it’s ugly head.

That’s okay, it’s not a problem now. Just remind yourself, that you forgot. That you have your own back. And, that you are 100% worthy and 100% good enough always.

Now go after your biggest dreams with 100% certainty!

If you want to take this work deeper, you have big things you want to do in your life and you are playing small and you want to get past that fear or resistance that is holding you back, so you can go on to create a life you love and want, I got you!

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