The relationship you have with yourself is the MOST important relationship you will EVER have in your ENTIRE LIFE!


It’s more important than the one with your kids, your spouse or partner, your sister, your brother-in-law, your boss — your mother and/or father, etc — even if they have passed, or whomever for that matter… you still have a relationship with them today.

What you believe about yourself becomes who you are and experience in the world.

The only thing is you didn’t have a lot to do with what was developed.

It was based upon other people like your parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, coaches, school, elders, friends, family members, your environment, the world around you was constantly telling you how you should be, what you should be.

Your #1 goal, perception and attachment developed was based on keeping safe and in survival!

From the time you were born until you are about 21, you attach certain meanings about yourself and what you are capable of. You still are running your life based on these subconscious conditioning commitments you’ve made even if they don’t serve you. Whether you want them or not, whether they produce the results you desire or not.

When you aren’t aware of what they are, it’s hard to change.

You’ll keep feeding the core subconscious commitments vs. the core needs that is truly wanting to be fed. You’ll continue to feel resistance and keep certain coping mechanisms such as overeating, drinking, procastinating, whatever you are doing other than what you truly say you want.

– You know you want to do something but you keep wasting time doing other things and you get to the end of the day and wonder where all the time goes and you keep saying to yourself that you are too busy.

– You know you want to stop a habit but you keep doing it. Or, you want to start a better habit but you keep putting it to the side or making excuses why you can’t start. There always seems to be something in the way.

– You know you want to lose weight but you keep eating food that you know isn’t helping.

– You know you want to grow your business but you keep learning, taking courses, or doing other things in your life, even if it seems like it was a priority at that time, you don’t make any space to build your business. And, you are watching your bank account dwindle in the meantime making yourself more anxious and it becomes a cycle of sabotage.

The relationship you have with yourself is the FILTER in which you experience your life and world — no matter what other people are involved, say to you/did to you, infiltrate their life onto yours, or what has happened to you, etc. Whatever core subconscious commitments you’ve attached to it’s the filter in which you experience your world.

Nothing matters more than your own relationship with yourself when you want to create a life you truly want.

When you start to really ask yourself why.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

What is the feeling you are avoiding?

What is the feeling you are filling in the meantime?

Most of us don’t ever even consider ourselves as in a relationship. We are totally unaware of the subconscious running our lives at any given moment…but it is 95% of the time.

When you learn to take care of you and your own core needs — yourself, not other people, not based on other people being nicer, doing what you’d like so you are happier, etc.

But you taking care of you, yourself. You will slowly start to build trust within yourself to take care of you.

I’m not talking about bubble baths and pedicures, I’m talking about how you talk to yourself, supporting yourself, compassionate with yourself, being curious about your habits, commitments, why you are doing what you do, having your own back instead of beating yourself up.

Or, are you wanting to have other people rescue you?

Maybe you do have a prince waiting to rescue you, but the truth is. You have to rescue yourself, if want to create a life you truly want.

Most of us don’t realize that…we rather waste time, energy and money in things that actually don’t really get us far. That’s when we know were are giving more light and attention to the core commitments that we made a long time ago vs. the core needs deep within ourselves — our core purpose you might say!

When you become aware of what your core needs are, you can start filling those needs yourself instead of continuing to do things that aren’t adding up to the life you desire.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, have more money, start a business or develop the one you have, change a job or move across the country.

There is a need being met. The pay off for doing what you are doing, whether it’s serving you are not — there is some kind of need being met by what you are doing.

Are you aware which one is being met? The core commitment or your core need?

When you align your core values with your core needs and start feeding your own core needs vs those commitments your subconconscious is driving you towards you will slowly start to change and create the life you truly want.

ps. if you need help and you aren’t even sure where to begin or even aware of what’s really happening but you feel resistance to do the things you truly want to do, or goals you have, book your free consultation today!