How you answer that is going to determine the long haul of ever achieving your goal or a specific result you want.

You have to be honest with yourself when you begin a goal or a baby seed of an idea.

You know you want something.  

What is that?  What is it that would make your life better?

You may have a lot of doubt around that it’s even possible right now.  That’s okay.

But if you are interested, you will do what’s convenient and ahem…likely not reach your goal.

If you are truly committed, you will do what it takes, regardless when doubt or life shows up.

So ask yourself again, around your goal or idea you have that would make your life 10x better!

You always must start with being honest. 

If you aren’t honest, you are fooling yourself from the very beginning.  And, you will constantly be wishing instead of taking inspired action.

So go ahead, ask yourself are you truly committed?  

Whatever answer you came up with.  

Committed or Interested ?

Do not judge yourself, just answer honestly.

Now get curious as to why you believe that to be true.   Write all that comes to mind.  On paper, not the computer.  

This is how we get to the root of the underlying problem. 

Now when you look through a lens of curiosity (not judgment) of why your brain thinks whatever you wrote, you can uncover the real self-imposed limits you are creating in this moment.  Remember, it’s okay whatever you are thinking and believing right now.

You can actually decide to believe otherwise and choose a different perspective.  

Matter of fact, in order to achieve your goal or idea you will need to align with a new perspective.  You will have to move through the obstacles that are in your way. 

But if you are interested you will only do what’s convenient when life happens, when obstacles come up, when doubt and fear are standing in your way.

If you are committed, you will what it takes.  While I don’t believe in failure, because success means you tried one more time.  

Let it be today.  Let that goal shine and inspire you.  Take action (any action) regardless if doubt is there.   Regardless if you think the action is right or wrong, good or not, just take action.  In order for the universe to be your co-creator.  It must know you are in the game.  It must know that you are ready to receive.  

Be committed.