The primitive part of your brain is constantly seeking pleasure & same time its constantly looking out for danger.

That’s a problem today because the primitive brain hasn’t evolved passed the cave days.  It’s still functions the same based on survival.

It’s both friend & foe — when its a habit you want to change, a goal or whatever change. 

Change has your brains alarm bells go off like wild fire — ding, ding, ding!!!  Oh, no!

It has you overeating, overdrinking, over FB’n, IG’n, TikTok’n, napping, TV’n, comparing every which way a ping or notification is grabbing your attention —> escaping.  

Escaping the truth of life. 

We chase happy through outside things, diets, achievements, goals, relationships, money, etc.  We’re always seeking happy.

And, yes it’s amazing achieving anything!  

But it truly takes courage to be happy from the inside.  

Many want to change their lives, but at the same time, they don’t want to step out of their comfort zones to make any real changes happen.  

They rather other people, the world to change around them & try the darnedest to manipulate this false people pleasing behavior.

Instead of making bold decisions that requires courage!

But no matter how successful you are – you can’t escape your humaneness.  

You can’t escape the negative part of life.  We try all the time chasing happy  in false pleasures and things — while it really just takes courage to truly be happy.

There nothing wrong doing anything you want & enjoy — except if it the reason you do it is to escape the truth of life. It has a net negative compound affect on your life. 

It takes courage to be happy.  

Because that may mean you might have to say no to someone, food or drink, etc.

You may have to stop people pleasing the people  — stop putting everyone above your own life & happiness.  

You may think people pleasing is good — because you get something from it, it makes you feel good.  But it’s a lie.

It truly takes courage to be happy!  

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