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Embrace Imperfection: The Path to Reducing Anxiety

When you stop perfecting, constantly doubting & changing your mind, you’ll lower your anxiety. But how do you do that when you keep finding yourself in doing it? It’s a decision you make in your mind. Perfectionism is not a trait that really serves you. It holds you back, from finishing or accomplishing at least […]

Let’s talk about making conscious decisions.

  Are you making them? There is no wrong or right decisions. The more conscious ones you make the better your life will be.  So let me ask you this… Do you know where you are going?  —> 1 year, 5 years, 10 or 25 years from now? If you can’t answer that question you […]

Elevate your Mind to Find the Real Problem

Something to ponder.   When you elevate your mind, your entire life changes — all of it.   You can’t un-know what you know.    Every decision after it’s kinda wild.   You have a lot more certainty (because it will no longer matter so much if you make mistakes)    which ironically that is […]

Your Brain Can be Your Friend or Foe.

The primitive part of your brain is constantly seeking pleasure & same time its constantly looking out for danger. That’s a problem today because the primitive brain hasn’t evolved passed the cave days.  It’s still functions the same based on survival. It’s both friend & foe — when its a habit you want to change, […]

You are not your mind. You are the watcher of your mind.

If you desire to achieve something — anything, you have to be ONTO your own brain. Your brain & mind are different things. One a physical mass & the other one is energy. You are not either of these. — you’re pure essence/energy, your soul, your higherSelf. The ONE that is calling you to the […]

Your Life is NOT a Dress Rehearsal

The cumulative effects of your decisions yesterday have put you exactly where you are today. Good to know but certainly do not use it against you. Your brain likes to point out your mistakes – as if it really was to boot! Whatever happened yesterday, forget it. it’s over. BUT life is not a dress rehearsal. […]


How to Deal with Stress During the Holidays

Thanksgiving just a few days away often our emotions can run wild. And by wild, I mean stress for a variety of reasons – loved ones no longer with us, illness, worry for one reason or another or just getting together with family and/or friends and bringing together a variety relationships under one roof, at […]