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How Do You Stop the Comparison Trap: Embracing Your Path to Success

Have you ever found yourself thinking and believing “oh, I’m so over comparing myself to others, I’m too old for that” but yet at the same time can’t shake the self-doubt that keeps you  overthinking and feeling like you are never going to get where you actually want.   Especially what your seemingly “very successful” […]

Changing Your Results – Identity Shifts & Urges

When wanting to create something new in your life, we often have a lot of resistance because we think certain parts of ourselves is just who you are — it seems unchangeable.   No matter what you do, you revert back to your old self, your old life eventually.  You just can’t seem to create […]

Is overcomplicating things holding you back from taking action?

Have you ever thought why you are overcomplicating the crap out of things?   Often this happens when we are about to change.   When we want to go after a goal we have never achieved before, overcomplicating comes to rear its ugly head causing struggle and unwanted stress.   Right now you believe that […]

Following through is an Art, not a Discipline

While you think you might need to work harder,  have some forced discipline by beating yourself up, some magic wand of inspired focus so you can take action and be persistent — these often lead to feeling depleted, burn out with your adrenals tanked & cortisol high & chronically stressed internally and leads to giving […]


Your Brain is a Sifter.

Your brain is like a sifter.   Your brain sifts through all the information in a nano second. What’s good, what’s relevant, what’s not. But there is one caveat to that.   It’s based on 3 things, your: Self-Concept:  Your filtered perception of who you think you are set by age 8.  Emotional capacity: Ability […]


Embrace Imperfection: The Path to Reducing Anxiety

When you stop perfecting, constantly doubting & changing your mind, you’ll lower your anxiety. But how do you do that when you keep finding yourself in doing it? It’s a decision you make in your mind. Perfectionism is not a trait that really serves you. It holds you back, from finishing or accomplishing at least […]

Let’s talk about making conscious decisions.

  Are you making them? There is no wrong or right decisions. The more conscious ones you make the better your life will be.  So let me ask you this… Do you know where you are going?  —> 1 year, 5 years, 10 or 25 years from now? If you can’t answer that question you […]

Elevate your Mind to Find the Real Problem

Something to ponder.   When you elevate your mind, your entire life changes — all of it.   You can’t un-know what you know.    Every decision after it’s kinda wild.   You have a lot more certainty (because it will no longer matter so much if you make mistakes)    which ironically that is […]