If you desire to achieve something — anything, you have to be ONTO your own brain.

Your brain & mind are different things.

One a physical mass & the other one is energy.
You are not either of these.

— you’re pure essence/energy, your soul, your higherSelf.

The ONE that is calling you to the idea you wish to achieve!!!!

You are not WHAT your mind thinks.

The PROBLEM is it can be friend or foe & against us when we want to up-level.

👉🏻want better job.

👉🏻better grade.

👉🏻 follow through —> exercise plan, eating plan.

👉🏻 not worrying/overthinking. Are you a worrier?


Everyone of us has a human brain that behaves the same way.

Everyone has negative thoughts — whew, maybe you were the only one — nope!

Most NEVER question our minds.

We accept it as truth. Then make it mean something about ourselves. More suffering!

It tells you things… “I’m dumb, I suck at this, I’m stupid, I can’t lose weight, I can’t follow through on a simple task, ___ blah blah blah…”

Have you ever stopped to question the thoughts that are going through your mind?

Or are you even aware?


You are ignoring this beautiful GIFT OF CHOICE when you aren’t aware of what is really happening.

We have that privilege as a human with the higher prefrontal cortex part of our brain.

It has nothing to do with your capabilities about why you aren’t following through, that it means something about you even.

Our minds could be our best friend or our worst enemy.

But it’s NOT because you aren’t capable.

It’s because of it’s trying to protect you. From rejection, judgment, belonging, survival — shame, embarrassment!

Growing up — you took on conditioning from your past.

Your parents, teachers, family, coaches, friends, people. Unintentionally, I want to add. You believe them as true today. Start questioning your thoughts, because they creating your life experience in every moment.

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