Something to ponder.


When you elevate your mind, your entire life changes — all of it.


You can’t un-know what you know. 


Every decision after it’s kinda wild.


You have a lot more certainty (because it will no longer matter so much if you make mistakes) 


which ironically that is exactly what your brain desires before it actually makes a decision — it wants certainty and damn, it want’s a lot of it before.


but when you don’t have that awareness 


You’ll start trying to solve the wrong problem.


you’ll keep yourself in indecision far too long that you’ll find yourself in confusion, overwhelm and doubt. 


The human mind wants the easy way.  


It’s how it was designed.  


In the time-frame of not really getting to the root cause of your problem which if you allow it 


— it could be years, often same goals every week, month, year!  


Whether it’s your health or your life…


Slow progress because in that time frame of actually healing you’ll find yourself in 


quick fixes, surface level change, magic pills, band-aid approaches, one off solutions we often think it will remedy the problem, 


even if it’s “natural approaches” which I hear all the time from so many people often asking me what can I do for this or that.  


What should I eat?  What do you think, will help this?  


I found this on Amazon and has great reviews for this symptom. 


Now, I got this other problem…what can I do for this?  


They have symptom after symptom pop up.


And that’s why you’ll be at arms length from actual healing. 


Because we rather google for answers which often has the magic ticket of easy but doesn’t lead to really solving the real problem. 


Life keeps repeating itself because sometimes the pain isn’t enough to change at the moment.  


That’s okay, don’t beat yourself up for things you just don’t understand or know yet.


But in the meantime…


Your mind will like to play mind games with you. 


Keeping things just how they have been but not really better. 


Your human mind doesn’t like change even if the result is one you wish you had. 


It’s conditioned to keep your decisions the same — the same neural pathways are ingrained and has been “conditioned” since you’re about 8 yrs old. 


And, you just want “so and so” to stop acting the way they are so you can have peace. 


And, if you learned to cope …which nobody knows at 8 years old really knows how to cope, 


so often you learn unhealthy coping mechanisms by yourself to keep yourself safe unknowingly it’s conditioned now and on autopilot. 


You’ll often take on meaning about yourself, your life and it’s on autopilot.  


It’s still playing out in your adult life,


in your relationships, in your business, in your finances, in your daily everyday life,


how and what you eat, what you believe to be true…even if it’s not true and so on. 


You’ll often be reactive to everything around you.  


Trying to control your symptoms, your life and everything outside you is exhausting.  


It’s stressful on your body.


So when you finally start on the healing journey you will find yourself facing a lot of resistance, indecision, doubt and even confusion.


It feels uncomfortable often in the body but it may go even unnoticed because your body is used to protecting itself automatically you aren’t even aware it’s happening in the moment. 


It happens in a nanosecond.  


You may find yourself just moving to something else in the moment.   


Whether that is cleaning, shopping, scrolling SM, or whatever your favorite flavor or comfort is.  


A cocktail after a stressful day.  That yummy cheesy dip you can’t seem to keep your hands out of when you said just one. 


Other times, you’ll experience anxiety and your body doesn’t even know what to do with it other than it doesn’t want to feel negative emotion so you kinda freak out.  


It grows rather than subsides.  


Every time it appears you think that something wrong. 


Stress is the leading cause of dis-ease.


Gut issues, autoimmune issues, thyroid issues, joint and muscle issues and internal inflammation, even cancer.


Not everything can be healed by just changing your diet.  


Food matters tremendously and the quality of it 100% but when you keep trying.


Your entire tapestry of your life is affected by your mind first — decisions.  


Your body and mind are connected ~ even with the food you are eating. 


The quality and type of food affects the stress in your body at a cellular level. 


Your organs are more healthier when your emotional health is in check because you aren’t holding onto old stress.


When you are constantly stressed even at a low level that you think is keeping you functional, you continually have more symptoms pop up.


Look to heal the whole body from the inside out.


It starts in your mind.


Your thoughts are creating your life experience at any given time.


When you actually know what thoughts are creating what results, you actually change your entire life – for the better.


Because your brain likes the same — it will keep you in that GAP instead of where you want to be. 


When you elevate your mind, when you learn to have the emotional capacity of all human emotions, not just the happy ones and start to dig into the thoughts you have about yourself that are leading you to behave a particular way, your entire life will shift. 


you might realize that you are much more capable to have the life you actually desire a lot easier than trying to look for the easier way.


Raise your awareness to solving the real problem and change your life. 


Hey, if you feel compelled to get help but not sure where to even begin, I got you.  I’ll coach you through my unique framework, which brings you from uncertainty to clarity and help you get to the real issue of your problem.  Click here to schedule your FREE discovery call.