Gosh this can be a loaded topic eh?

Well of course there are miracles everywhere we look, everywhere ♥️

But when you are looking for a miracle in your life, you often look in the wrong place.

We often look at what we are lacking…hence why you might be looking for a miracle in the first place.

I’ve lived through a few real miracles in my life that just came out of no where. And, I’ve lived through times where there was more lessons needed to truly embrace any miracle that I was hoping for.

Likely due to my lack of willingness to allow myself peace within even when circumstances were chaotic.  

And, sometimes there is no miracle that we often pray for and want and also allowing that to be okay, processed and grieved even, is where our biggest work is.  It’s often in the biggest lessons that birth new miracles. 

Even permission to receive takes intentional belief work. Not everyone feels worthy to receive. But, truly there is no question of worth, every. single. person. just is 100% worthy ~ that is the gift you receive from your creator just for being born.

When you lack the true intention of focusing on certainty, faith and even that sprinkle of hope that actually is always around in the quantum field of energy all around you — it’s available if you seek it – thats when you have that steadfast belief no matter what. Your energy completely changes. You can create that. You can create the energy you desire no matter what is happening around you. It’s a practice. 

What and where you are focusing on creates either a full fledge amount of faith and certainty or it has you worrying and overthinking that you can’t sleep.  And, here come uncertainty, lack, scarcity, worry, anxiety and a dysregulated nervous system  — and so let’s not forget the stress on your body and how it’s effecting your health. 

For example, anyone knows that when someone gets a medical diagnosis it can completely uproar every part of your life and family?  What was once maybe calm and peaceful or just normal with the regular dose of havoc every once in a while, is now in complete worry, doubt, fear and the unknown of what will be – and wanting to control it.

Our own default brain’s defense mechanism – worry, it thinks it’s going to prevent the “thing” you are worried about from happening.  We all know worry just makes the journey worse and we think we can’t control the worry. It feels automatic. It does nothing but completely mess up your body causing a very dysregulated nervous system that might be hard to snap out of if you aren’t aware of how to.  You also might be more sensitive to worry, if you’ve grown up in a chronic stressful environment. 

It’s during these tumultuous times that the concept of miracles often becomes more than a mere thought; it becomes a lifeline, a beacon of hope in the storm. Miracles, however, aren’t always the grand, earth-shattering events we envision. They can be subtle, gentle whispers of grace in the midst of chaos, small moments of peace amidst the turbulence.

I’ve come to realize that miracles aren’t just random acts of divine intervention; they are also a product of our own beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

When we shift our focus from lack to abundance, from fear to faith, we open ourselves up to the possibility of miracles in every aspect of our lives.

Sometimes, the miracle we seek is not a change in our circumstances, but a change in perspective.

It’s about seeing the beauty in the midst of the chaos, finding gratitude in the face of adversity, and embracing the journey, knowing that every twist and turn is leading us closer to our miracle.  And, I totally get it because I’ve been on both sides of this. We have a hard time when faced with looking for that opportunity of peace within when the circumstances of your life seem chaotic and even grim. This is truly a work of art to get to place where you can feel contentment, peace and love within yourself and not be having your emotions pulled all over — not reacting to them when they arise but processing them, allowing them throughout your body. It’s all part of being human  no matter the circumstances happening around us.

So, if you’re waiting for a miracle in your life, I encourage you to look within, to cultivate a mindset of gratitude, faith, and positivity.

Because, as they say, “miracles happen when you least expect them, but always when you need them most.”

I’m hoping that somehow this post found you at the perfect time. I do believe Miracles are Normal.  And whether it’s magical fairy dust you need, grace from God or just stead fast refocus on your own beliefs to calm your nervous system  — that you’ll be granted the miracle you feel you are in need of and let go of worry. There is no harm to believe in the miracle. Ever. 

Infinite possibility begins with your thoughts and a stead faith of belief in yourself – because anything is possible. You just need to believe it to be.  Miracles are normal.

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