One of the hardest things to do is stop living from your past.

It’s something we do every single day and give no thought whatsoever that we actually are.

In most cases, it serves us well.

We get up, wash our face, brush our teeth, maybe go for a walk to start our day, make coffee, for some of us we are still getting the kiddos off to school even if they are well at the age to take care of themselves — hello being a mom, for some others we are going off to work at the exact same time everyday using the same road, or we are working from home in our business and have no idea what to do next so we work on busy stuff instead of stuff that will move the needle. 

In other cases, it does not serve you,
but maybe you don’t realize you actually have a choice.  

No matter what the hec is happening around and/or outside of you, you can start living and attracting the life you actually desire.

It starts with a simple decision and of course –> following through on the decision and that’s where you can get in trouble. Not because it’s not possible for you but you have to go against everything your brain was designed to do.

Stay with me here.

We live our lives based on our past — unawarely I might add, because that is what our brains designed to do.  I repeat that on purpose.  It will keep you and your life on repeat over and over again unintentionally if you aren’t aware.

Awareness IS everything.

Maybe it feels hard to move forward because you are feeling overwhelmed, doubting yourself and feel confused AF on what to do or even what you want.

I understand, I’ve been there done that.  It will get you no where. It’s also
your brains way to keep life the same.  If you stay in confusion, overwhelm or doubtful, you’ll stay stuck.

When you aren’t truly aware why you are getting overwhelmed.  Why you are confused?  Why you are doubting yourself ?

Everything feels like your just experiencing the truth of what is.

Yet you might be flipping over your calendar to another Monday with the same goals or the same darn things on your list every week.

It can be frustrating and stressful especially when you are wanting a different life but not actually doing the things that will create that life. 

What is happening inside, is what you’ll experience outwardly in your life — based on your past.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed and just surviving living through the daily emotions and circumstances, you are in reaction to everything happening outside of you. And, it can be a perpetuating cycle if you don’t raise your awareness.

Changing your energy.

Changes everything.

Words are powerful. The words you tell yourself start to form the anchor hooking you to your past from beliefs about yourself that maybe you don’t even want to believe about yourself and what you think you are able and capable of or not capable of.

They form your habits.

Those actions or inactions, well those create the very reality you are experiencing right now. 

Whatever you are feeling, you are attracting more of that same energy into your life.  Does that mean every bad circumstance that makes you feel bad you need to be and feel scared for more of the same? Not exactly. You can change your energy without consciously changing your thoughts in “real” time. 

It sometimes can feel like a double whammy, it’s like now you know how you are feeling in this low energy state and you are expecting something to happen.

Our body and our mind are designed for survival so worrying about something feels comforting to your brain and your body but we all know what worry does – it pretends to be necessary when it’s not at all. It makes you hyper vigilant in just surviving not thriving.  Worry is your brain’s protection mechanism. 

And, if you are here reading this.  I know you want to do more than just survive.

You want to thrive.

It begins with raising your awareness to a level where you are observing your own thoughts and feelings.  Allowing yourself to feel those feeling but not let them stop you, not let them be the drivers seat of every action you take.

You must learn how to disrupt those thoughts so you can take different actions on purpose regardless if you feel like it or not.

Because you always have choice.

It’s why old habits are hard to break and new ones are often hard to stick to.  

There is a cognitive dissonance between the old and the new.  That’s where trouble starts to brew with some stories you might have about yourself, that maybe right now you believe to be true.

When you can raise your awareness, you can change everything. 

You decide.

You prepare.

You respond.

Most of us are in reaction to eveything happening around us at any given time. 


Again –> Awareness is everything.  

You can’t change what you aren’t aware is actually the cause.

When you act on purpose based on the result you desire, regardless any noise your brain tells you or how your body feels.  

Matter of fact you expect it.  It’s right on time.

When you are about to break-through to changing, you’ll often feel a lot of fear and anxiety. 

It’s called resistance.

It could feel like you have this invisible barrier right in front of you urging you not to take that next step.

You don’t need to listen to it, you just need to recognize it. 

This is when your brain likes to come with all kinds of things keeping you busy, instead doing the thing you said you’d do:

  • Let’s check the fridge to see what we can snack on.
  • Let’s clean this up, this is a complete mess before I work on my business so I can have a clear head.
  • Or maybe it’s when you go down to the basement for something and staring you in the face is a pile of laundry that has been there and now all of sudden you find the urge to do it right now.

When you don’t recognize what’s really happening, you’ll look for something else to do.

When you do recognize it, you get to decide otherwise.  And, still do the thing you decided on.

You can easily eat your time up on purpose even when you believe stories about you, they are based upon the repeating patterns of your own belief system. Limiting you. 

You may not realize it, it seems just normal everyday occurrences of all these things getting in the way of your dreams.  

Especially in the second half of your life, and a lot of your time is being swallowed by taking aging parents to appointments and taking care of them. I get it.  

Or, maybe you are spending all your time doing everything for everyone else that just comes along with being a mom instead of putting your needs and dreams first. Assuming you have no choice.

But what is really happening is your past repeating.

Your life staying the same.

Your brain is working perfectly and as it should but it’s also derailing your biggest dreams.

Luckily you also have free will to decide consciously and live from these decisions.

You take action when you don’t feel like it.  I know, bummer, right? 

You don’t let doubt or confusion stop you.

Overwhelm may come but it’s not the driving force stopping you anymore.

Today we can get easily derailed from all the bells and whistles of even our amazing technology we have available to us. Before you know it, you’re scrolling, losing time and even the good energy you woke up with. Being in constant reaction to what the world and others think you should be thinking about. 

  • The news.
  • The text.
  • The notifications.
  • The boss.
  • The opinions of others. 
  • Your parents. 
  • Your obligations of a parent. 

You might compare and despair, feel analysis paralysis, judge yourself, you might be judging and beating yourself up — unawarely I might add.

And, you’ll wind up just living at the effect of your life instead of in response to it and on purpose.

The actions or inactions you are taking right now are a direct reflection of what you believe about yourself all developed from your past-self by the time you are 8 years old.  

What you desire in your future might require you to do things you’ve never done before.

They’ll require new thoughts and beliefs about yourself not from what you believed about yourself from your 8 year old self. 

Some beliefs might serve you, and are useful.

Some beliefs don’t serve you, and aren’t even true. And, you believe them to be true.


If you are worrying, stressed and frustrated instead of living your life on purpose and how you actually desire…

If you want to start to flip the switch on this, the first step is awareness.

When you raise your awareness, you get to decide otherwise on purpose and stop letting your emotions get the best of you derailing you to constant pleasure. 

Because the results you are currently creating whether they are results you desire or undesired results.

You are creating it.

If you want a new future, stop dragging your past with you from your past self-definition like a ball and chain anchoring you to the same life — unknowingly.  

You’ll want to redefine yourself to who you really are without all those preconceived conceptions about yourself.

If you’d like to step up to the future you desire, regardless of where you are right now, I can help you live your very best life. Click here to start a new path.