This delicious asparagus salad was on my clients menu today and it’s one that they often request so I snapped a quick picture.  When I prepare food for clients I have to think of how this will hold up so I don’t mix in the feta as I would normally serve this so that is why there is big blob of feta just sitting there and not all dispersed pretty – like I said I just snapped a quick picture!  But I wanted to share this since asparagus is in season right now!  Besides the health benefits of asparagus, eating seasonally has many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Save money on food
  • Peak supply and cost less to farmers for distribution
  • Best tasting, healthiest food available
  • Food is more local since it’s in season

Also, your body actually has seasons just like the planet does. Do you ever notice how you want to eat lighter come spring time? It’s because our bodies are ready to shed the winter stagnation in our bodies and it naturally cleanses which is why we crave lighter foods.  Same when fall comes around it’s just natural that we reap our harvest from spring and eat more grounding foods such as carrots, squashes, potatoes, etc.  Your own life has seasons as well which is a good thing especially if you are going through a difficult time.    Ebb and flow of life ~ it’s normal for people to perk up a bit in spring, have a bit of fire in the summer and tend to close down in the fall and winter and can easily be more melancholy!

But lets stick to asparagus for now and enjoy all that it has to offer. Praise it for it’s beautiful green color and all the vitamins that it nourishes our body with.