The belief in yourself needs to be stronger than anything else. Nothing outside of you or another person will create the confidence you want to achieve your goals. You must create that belief in yourself to get the result you truly want.

Your belief also needs to be serving you rather than sabotaging you.

We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back.

This week I celebrate 17 years as a personal chef and began a new chapter in my life.  I officially opened my business on my birthday.  It was an exciting gift to myself. The path getting here was anything but linear.

I had to believe in myself more than anyone else to get through the hard stuff.  

Back then, the internet was fairly new so it was a completely different ball game in business.  There was no pretty pictures of instagram for clients to see or FB for that matter. 

And, personal cheffing was pretty much new back then and was not at all in the mainstream of businesses nor in my clients mind-eye either.

I know the belief I had in myself and my dream played the biggest part in making a living out of something I loved.

As we begin this year and new decade, I have even bigger and new challenging goals for business as well as in my health and relationships.

If I’m being honest, I had a number of these same goals the last several years.

There are other people that don’t truly believe I will ever achieve it — and that’s okay.

Your confidence must come from you not anyone outside of you.  

There will be plenty of nay-sayers. You can NOT listen to them.

There’s also the “nay-sayer” of your own mind aka your primitive brain.

If you rely on others or looking towards anything outside of you to build your confidence, you will always fall flat.  

Self-confidence comes from yourself not anyone else.

And — it can be learned — great news, right?!? — especially if you don’t identify with being confident.

It comes from building integrity with yourself to do the things you said you were going to do. Especially when you don’t want to or it seems “hard” and “doubt and fear” are rearing their ugly head.

It takes practice over and over again.

Big goals bring up a lot doubt and fear.

Our primitive brain will want to keep us safe — which means keep you status quo.

It does not want you to grow especially if there is discomfort in the process.

It could care less about any goal you have in the future – whether it be your weight, business, money, relationships or whatever it is you want to achieve.

There is a difference between dreaming and achieving what it is you truly desire.

Dreams will always be dreams until you start actually taking action — big goals may require some stuff that you may not want to do but have to in order to create the result you want.

It will create discomfort.

A lot of my clients I work with have a specific weight goal and have been on the diet yo-yo for most of their lives — losing 20, gaining 10 more, losing 40 lbs and then gaining 5 more, etc.  

When they reach mid-life, it seems like it’s a dream that will never be reached with some new challenges that come along for the ride as we get older.

We literally can dream our entire life away but unless you act on it they remain as our “wishes”.  

Did you ever hear yourself say “I wish”?

I know I have.

I wish this, I should this, I want this.

You actually create more of the same — no change.  no dream coming true.  no wish being granted.  

We just create more of the same.

We have to be on the look out for what our primitive brain offers us in our thoughts. 

We tend to think they are true as if it’s never going to happen — and it won’t if you keep thinking that.

We also make it mean different things about yourselves when we are constantly recreating and doing the same thing — the things we make it mean is when we start to sabotage ourself.

Did you ever hear someone say “same thing, different day” when you ask them how they are.

Yes, it will be the same if you keep believing it.

If you do some investigating some thoughts do not serve us AT ALL — as a matter of fact they may be creating the very results we don’t want.

Our thoughts are just opinions.  Yet, we see them as truth.

As soon as your feet hit the floor, your brain is laser focused to prove those thoughts true in the most efficient way possible.

Hello brownie — glass of wine — social media or whatever your favorite flavor of avoiding is on a stressful day!

Our results are always a reflection of our thoughts.

We have a lot of thoughts rolling around in our heads that seem so innocent but are sabotaging us unconsciously.

Those thoughts could be from childhood that we have been conditioning and maybe even fine tuning as if they are really true.

We have stories about our life and what has been.

We need to change the story about our life and about ourselves in order to create a different result.

In order to create a new result especially one that is challenging and something you’ve never done before, you have to think differently.

We become what we believe.

The thoughts you think over and over again — become your beliefs.  Even if they aren’t true.

It means being committed more than just being interested in achieving it.

Our belief in ourself needs to be 100% — no matter what.

There will be people in your life (even those you may love – like friends and family) that may not believe you are going to create the result you want.

There intentions may seem good and offer to be “realistic”.

What does realistic even mean? It means what you want it to be.

“If you can envision it in your head, you can have it in your hand.”

~ Bob Proctor

And, if you believe it to be – it could be as realistic as what you want.  

Realistic is a perception.

Just because you haven’t obtained it. Just because it’s seems like a far stretch — does NOT mean anything.

These comments could trigger doubt that may be lingering around in your brain.  

When you doubt, you most likely don’t behave the way you’d want.

You must ignore them.  

You must believe in yourself.  

You must have the courage to do it no matter what.

You must be willing to feel all the discomfort that comes up and do it anyway.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is in order to create a new result your belief needs to be in line with your goals to produce the result you truly want.

Often when I’m coaching my clients, they are surprised when they discover what the thoughts they think actually are. 

You need to uncover your current beliefs, so you can see what they are and the results they are currently producing.

Everything you have created in your life is based on your past.

If you want a different result, you need to generate different emotions to start behaving a different way.

Our emotions are created from our thoughts.

If you want help around this and are struggling to do the things you know you want to do but aren’t doing them — you can make this year, the year that you made a real change to truly get the result you want and one that is sustainable.  

Contact me to set up a free mini-session where we will discuss where you are, where you want to be and obstacles that are getting in your way.  Walk away with strategies to help you get there – today!

What result do you want in your life that you currently aren’t getting? Tell me in the comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 I’d love to hear them!