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Self-Confidence is built upon your follow through muscle.  If you don’t really know what’s preventing you from following through, you will continue to keep the life you always had.  You may think you know which leads you to keep educating yourself, trying to get better, trying to be good enough before you start, or put your work out and finally create the life you dream and desire.  But if you keep having the same goals year after year and not progressing and taking action.  And, you are still allowing doubt, perfectionism, and confusion to stop you and get in your way, you will continue to have the same life as you have now.    Possibly you want a business and you aren’t following through.  Maybe you just want to be healthier and you can’t even think of being confident until you lose the 50lbs that creeped on somehow.   Or, maybe you just want a dynamic connection with your spouse but you just seem to not be able to create the relationship you desire and keep wanting him to change so you can feel better. 

If you aren’t creating the results you desire in your life, you have not truly uncovered what’s holding you back.  Discover those obstacles with this free guide to help you!

You are one thought away from your break-through ~ Stacey DiVerde