12 Week Eat. Nourish. Thrive. Program

In this program, we dive deep with both Integrative Nutrition Coaching and Life Coaching to figure out what foods are helping you and which ones are not.  

You develop a food protocol that works with your real life so if you can get to your natural weight for good.

You work on changing your relationship with food so you help and nourish your mind and body.   During the weekly sessions you bring your real life problems for coaching so that you have tools and strategies to help you.

It’s not just about what you are eating but why you are eating.

You work on your mindset so you can find the root issue of your problems so that you have the power to change.


  • You use food to nourish your body so it can be healthy.
  • You love yourself and body in the process and don’t beat yourself up because that never works.
  • You figure out what foods work with your body and which ones do not.
  • You ditch self-sabotage and emotional clutter around food and yourself. 
  • You start shifting your life in the direction you want instead  staying stuck in trying to find the next perfect diet.
  • You create a plan that works for your real life. 
  • You are not afraid of carbs or fats.
  • You don’t count calories or points.
  • You become comfortable in your own skin and learn to love your body first. 
  • You show up for yourself for the first time in years. 
  • You lost weight and feel the best you’ve felt in years.

Each week we meet via zoom for our private 1:1 coaching calls.  It provides a customized experience through the transformative power of coaching, along with accountability, tools and strategies you can use so you can lose weight for good and become your healthiest self. 

If you are ready to leave behind a life of temporary fixes, self sabotage and negative self talk and become someone who loses weight naturally and actually feels amazing in her own skin…

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