The GlowUp Your Life Program

Get unstuck, stop self-sabatoge & start taking action and create life you want!

The GlowUp Your Life Program was developed and designed uniquely to affect your whole life.  Because how you are in one area it likely how you are in every other area of your life.  

If you find you are not following through on your goals, your business and having a hard time showing up to the life you want.  Keep doubting yourself, feeling kinda low in the self-confidence department, confused,  overwhelmed stuck in perfectionism often so you never put yourself out there, you will have a hard time creating the life you desire.    It’s not because you aren’t capable, worthy or good enough to do the things you want to do in your life.  And, it’s not because it’s not possible. 

Part of the problem why you may not be following through has a lot to do with your subconscious programming that was built upon since you were a child.  

You become what you believe.  You do what you believe you are capable of and not much more.  

The problem is you may not have addressed the real problem.  The real subconscious underlying program that is running 24/7 on auto-pilot.  

Anything and everything you want is on the other side of feeling comfortable. 

This can go on for years, having the same goals not only every week or month but every year.  Have you noticed that you start with the same resolutions or goals every year?  

You can create a future and life far greater than you ever imagined.  

Your body, mind and spirit are all connected.  Combining and embodying all areas so you can be healthier, happier and wealthier is key.

It all starts with your own brain!

Otherwise you wind up playing whac-a-mole when problems arise in your life putting out symptoms, problems and stresses that arise not know how to deal with them and wind up avoiding — lets be clear, there is no human life that doesn’t have problem.  But when you have deep seeded reactions from childhood that are autopilot, it’s hard to decipher whats really happening and how to truly embody it. 

The GlowUp Your Life Program combines three main elements throughout a 1:1 coaching container over 6 months together using proven techniques, frameworks, models, thought work along with body & spirit work that when combined will Glow Up Your Life – hence the name!  Happier, Healthier & Wealthier!  This doesn’t mean you don’t have a life without problems.  That is unattainable goal and you’ll be disappointed if that is what you think.  There is always negative things in our lives and world even after you reach your best life!  Having tools, spiritual practices/bodywork to lean on vs. the irregulated nervous system running on autopilot in the background, without your awareness, you may think that is just who you are — will now have the conscious awareness, you can show up and feel empowered. 

Learning through educating, reprogramming your subconscious mind, healing your inner child, getting in alignment with your highest self using frameworks, tools and concepts uniquely combined and through a process of applying not just knowing so you can have real transformation.   This is a structured program throughout the 6 months. 

The main 3 elements: 1) Self Mindset Mastery, 2) Self Image Mastery, 3) Emotional Embodiment — along with your unique life, that when fully embodied and combined GlowUp Your Life.  Let go of self-sabatoge, build self-confidence, self-love and reprogram your mind so you can build the future you want.  Not stay stuck in this spinning cycle of delusion. 

If you just work on Mindset and don’t uncover and look at your Self Image & Emotional Embodiment together, you will still constantly be reverting back to your old-self and behaviors.  You will be thought swapping, maybe even using affirmations, incantations but not actually changing your beliefs. 

If you only work on Self-Image without Emotional Embodiment you will feel like an imposter in your own life and you won’t know how to handle it, constantly going against your own brain and body.  You will still want to look outside of yourself for what you already are 100% worthy, valuable & lovable from the day you arrived on planet earth!

The process of the journey is the transformation you seek.  

The purpose of your life isn’t your business, to be the best mom or partner, the best position or achieving your highest goal or even losing the weight you desperately are trying to lose just so you feel good about yourself again.

No, the true purpose of your life is to EVOLVE.  

That is the purpose of your life.

Having a business undoubtedly bring up everything that you rather not face but it’s not the business that is hard, its yourSelf & your Life that is based on subconscious beliefs from your childhood.  That’s still running 24/7 — your  underlying nervous system trying to get to safety.

That means getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable.  

Not allowing doubt, fear, confusion, perfectionism and overwhelm get in the way.  They do not have to a problem when they arise. 

The truth is fear is never going away.  It may feel lessened as you grow because you learn how to handle it vibrating through your body.  

Humans to have fear as built in mechanism as a way to stay alive.  It’s not going anywhere so stop letting it stop you.

If you grew up in an environment from even a little dysfunction, or a lot, maybe even an emotional unavailable parent that led you to your own coping mechanisms as a child. No family is perfect family — you are not alone.  

As a matter of fact you are the product of 14 generations before you — lets stop that generation cycle and lets create the future you want, be an example for your children, your grandchildren and great grandchildren, etc.  Everyone does the best they could at the time.  

But layer on your past and experiences, it still plays out in your life from the conditioning of your past — automatically, on default.  

When the three elements of the program are combined, your life will change.  No matter your goal or your business.

You will let go of the doubt that stops you.  Let go of the perfection that holds you captive from making mistakes.  You will finally not feel stuck, start using your creative ability that IS inside you, start taking the action you want.  Create self confidence!  You won’t need to rely on not one thing outside yourself to develop confidence. Self confidence is built upon your follow-through muscle!

What are the experiences you want to have?

What do you really, really want? And, why don’t you already have it?  

So often as women, moms, we wake up at age 50 and wonder what happened to our life. We’ve done for everyone else and we left ourselves last on the list.

What is the result you want that would change the trajectory of your life?

Are you an entrepreneur and left your business on the back burner  – even though that is what you wanted to do?  

Maybe you even got specialized training or a coach yourself and you can’t seem to follow through and take action on your dreams despite being fully qualified to help others!   I can tell you it’s not the wrong niche, the website or anything you lack — the fear, insecurity, the judgement you are afraid of — it feels awful.  Let’s fix that!

And, if you have left yourself last on the list of your health for years and sick of dieting and you know you need more than 12 weeks to change your  nutritional habits and behaviors than the GlowUp Your Life Program is for you.   The best time is to start today, not 10 years from now when chronic health issues are hard to turn around.  You are the most important person to your family.  The chronic stress will affect your health in your later years.  

Within my GlowUp Your Life Coaching Program we personally meet via Zoom …imagine

  • You reach your goal instead of staying stuck in fear, overwhelm and doubt. 
  • You show up for YOU & the life you want instead of everyone else but not in a selfish way.
  • You up level your self-image. You must believe you are that person!
  • You go from living at the effect of your circumstances and reacting to everything to an intentional life and living into that intention. 
  • You have mindset shifts that help you instead of sabotage you.
  • You feel empowered and in control because you become aware of the root issue.  You change and your life changes!
  • and, bonus you might learn to love the person in the mirror in the process. 

If you want to change your life, the only one that needs to change is you. It is possible!

Through the transformative power of coaching, guidance and accountability you can achieve and design your life the way you want! 

Imagine if you accomplished the result you truly want?  How would it change the trajectory of your life?

Live with intention and actually follow through and have the incredible life you deserve.

How would your life be different? What is it that you really, really want? I’d love to help show you the way!

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